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What Does a Birth Doula Do?

Many of you may be wondering What does a Birth doula do?

Many people assume that doulas only support "Natural births." Spoiler alert, that's not true. Doulas support all the beautiful ways that babies arrive earthside .

When it comes to cesarean birth, planned or unplanned, a birth Doula can be a tremendous support to both the pregnant person and their family.

✔️Doulas have the perspective and ability to hold energy calm and caring energy in the sometimes hectic hospital space.

✔️We can help to diffuse the tension and often fear associated with an unplanned situation.

✔️We are a constant friendly face among the chaos that often is the birth setting.

✔️We can help you with understanding any medical jargon being used.

✔️In addition to feeling comfortable in the hospital, we know your birth wishes going into birth.

We can empower you to advocate for the moments that are important to your family.

💓 Moments such as having a partner or family member cut the umbilical cord, dropping the drape down so you can see your baby being born, or asking to hold baby skin to skin after birth, are precious things that your doula can help remind you of.

💓Doulas can also nurture you and your baby during the first few hours after birth.Making sure you are comfortable and have food and are hydrated enough.

💓We can assist you with breastfeeding or hand-expression to ensure that feeding gets off to the great start.

💓 Lastly, Doulas can give perspective on what to expect in recovering from birth and guide your family through ways they can help care for you and baby.

😍Did you have a D

oula at your birth? How did your Doula help you and your family during and after the birth of your baby?

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