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The power of your choice of care provider!

Your choice of provider can make all the difference in your birthing experience. It's a crucial decision that can either empower you on your journey to a positive vaginal birth or limit your options.

Ask Yourself...

What Kind of Provider Do You Have?

Do you have a VBAC Tolerant Provider ?

✖️ Sets strict pregnancy cutoffs and considers scheduling a c-section as a precaution.?

✖️ Prefers repeat c-section over induction or augmentation.

Places restrictions on fetal weight?

✖️ Requires early hospital admission for monitoring?

✖️ Advocates for continuous fetal monitoring?

✖️ Encourages an epidural "just in case" and favors a traditional birthing position?

✖️ Their focus leans towards the risks of VBAC and the benefits of Elective Repeat C-section.

Or.... A VBAC / Physiologic Birth Supportive Provider ?

☑️ Encourages natural labour initiation, respecting your body's timeline.

☑️ Willing to induce only when medically necessary.

☑️ Does not use fetal weight as a deterrent to VBAC.

☑️ Supports labouring at home to minimise interventions.

☑️ Promotes intermittent monitoring.

☑️ Emphasises movement and position changes during labour and pushing.

☑️ Provides balanced information on the risks and benefits of both VBAC and Elective Repeat C-section.

💪 Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence needed for a physiologic birth, regardless of your birth setting, your chosen birth partner, or your prior birthing experiences, through my empowered VBAC course.

💪 It's time to take control of your VBAC journey.


Kitty xx

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