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The Birth Partner

You were right by my side, a gentle but strong presence.your masculine energy, was my balance. ⠀

I couldn’t have created the possibility for my ideal birth without you behind me. You gave me the support I had always hoped for in a partner. You gave

me a faith in myself I never knew I had.You never once doubted me.

You embraced my thoughts and desires to birth our baby at home. You spoke openly about my ability and strength as a woman and believed wholeheartedly in me.

When the day came you held me when I needed to feel you close, and you gave me space when I needed to rock and sway. I needed you from beginning til end.

You were and are my rock, my strength. My heart and soul held onto you that night as we welcomed our son earthside.

Your unwavering presence a necessary strength for me.

We love you more than words can describe. .

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