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Tandem nursing

Breastfeeding is recommended for the first 2 years of life as a minimum by the work health organisation.

By weaning your baby from the breast you are putting them. At an increased rail of developing illnesses.

Many mum's will fall pregnant before this 2 years comes to a close and so go on to tandem feed both baby's.

There are many myths surrounding tandem feeding.

Here are some of the truths.

Breastfeeding tandem may reduce jealousy & help to increase bonding between siblings.

It also boosts the immune systems of both children due to the body's abilities to make antibodies based on what bacteria your baby is exposed to.

Breastfeeding boosts the children's brain development & those that are breastfed the longest stand to show the greatest gains.

Breastfeeding reduces a mother's chances of developing Breast Cancer, Endometrial Cancer And Ovarian Cancer And Uterine Cancer And , Osteoporosis And Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cardiovascular Disease, type 2 diabetes & the results are cumulative. Meaning, the longer a mum breastfeeds, the greater benefit to her.

In the 2nd year of life, breast milk provides

29% of energy

43% of protein

36% of calcium

75% of vitamin A

76% of folate

94% of vitamin B12

60% of vitamin C

Tandem feeding is a very personal decision that is very open to change as you go through your pregnancy.

Check out my you tube and Instagram highlights for more information on this topic.

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