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Mama Instinct

When did it become the “norm” to let babies cry it out? Why are we still being told that it’s important to let babies learn to “self-soothe” when they’re only a few weeks or months old? Why are we expecting babies to be so independent shortly after they’re born?

I’ve been told, “we did __ and you ended up just fine”, or to “trust the experts” because they know best. I strongly dislike both of those statements, hate them actually. How do you define ‘fine’? Who is more of an “expert” on my baby - a stranger, or the person who gave birth to them and has been taking care of them since the day they were born? .

Your baby needs you. Your baby wants to be close to you. They don’t know how to regulate things by themselves yet. Your body helps them regulate their emotions, body temperature, breathing, heart rate, and even their brain development. YOU are their home, their safe space. They love hearing your heart beat or listening to the sound of your voice as you whisper, “I love you”. They love the sweet smell of your skin. They love the feeling of your arms wrapped around them, or the gentle kisses you leave behind on their forehead. .

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a mom, it’s to always follow your gut. Listen to those mama instincts. They exist for a reason. You don’t have to listen to anyone who tells you what you “should” be doing. Remember, no one knows your baby better than you. Which means you know what your baby wants and needs.

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