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Laid back Position

Otherwise known as laid back of biological nurturing How do I do it? 💪To get into a laid back feeding position. Scootch your bottom forwards as if you were relaxing in the evening with your favorite Netflix show. ✨Baby is placed tummy down on your chest close to your breast. ✨Allow your arms to relax in a guard rail type position on either side of baby ✨Baby is encouraged to self attach when possible.

Why I love this position for new mums. ✔️This position makes breastfeeding less work for mothers as it taps into the baby's natural feeding instincts. ✔️It also makes it easier for babies to take the breast deeply, especially during the early weeks. That’s because in these positions gravity helps rather than hinders babies’ inborn feeding reflexes. ✔️The breast is round and so this position meá s that Abby can approach the breast from any angle. Making it an ideal position for after a cesarean


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