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Intimacy Postpartum

Intimacy postpartum.

The thing is it always feels like everyone else is having much more sex than they are actually having...the pressure to "perform "is almost tangible with some of the couples I speak here my twopence on the subject.


Sex sex sex.

There I said it...

For such an important topic we really don't discuss it enough.

So many changes happen in our bodies after giving birth many of them to our vagina. however our bodies are truly amazing there is always a way back to wonderful orgasmic sex after having a baby.

1. Open discussion,often your partner is just as worried about it as you are. Sex should be enjoyed ,it is not a tick the box exercise.

2. Have a look down there with a mirror, often you will be pleasantly surprised.

3. Have a feel. Get to know your body again,self masturbation is a fantastic way to feel sensual again. Not to mention the benefits for healing.

4.Wait as long as you need to. There is no magic number or time to resume intercourse. Wait until you both feel ready.

5. Remember there are lots of other ways to be intimate.

6. Lubrication. Particularly for those mummas who are Breastfeeding,our hormones like to work against us on this department.

7. If you are concerned about healing /tone/lack of sensation or sex is painful make sure and visit a womens health physio (the fairy godmother of vagina's)

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