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Food for Labour

Loads of questions on eating in labour and what to eat vs what to avoid.

I like to keep it simple.💪

Nothing fancy, nothing new you haven't tried before...

✨Eating small amounts and sipping fluids in  labour can give you the energy you will need for the marathon that is birthing your baby.

🤸‍♀️ It is important to stay well hydrated and maintain energy levels throughout labour.

🍌Choose carbohydrates such as cereals  fruit and bread that will give a slow release of energy and are easily digested.

It’s best to avoid high fat foods as these can be hard to digest and may make you feel sick.

Here are a few ideas for snacks and drinks for you and your birth partner.…

✔️Plain Crackers or rice cakes

✔️Easy to eat fruits... Dried ones are awesome as no damage in the birthing bag.

✔️Cereal bars and balls are awesome

✔️Mints are amazing for the transition nausea and the breath 💪

✔️Lollipops are super they have the benefit of both fast acting sugars aswel as acupressure on the roof of the mouth.

✔️Frozen smoothies or homemade ice lollys... We did mango juice and it was Devine 😍

✔️Isotonic drinks with a straw are essential

have some in the freezer so they can defrost on the way to the hospital.


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