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Colds in the breastfed baby

So as the autumn draws in so does the cold and flu fun for anyone,

especially our little nose breathing smallies.

I thought I'd put together a few tips for what we have been doing that can help ease the discomfort.

As always while I am a nurse I am not your nurse, if you are worried about baby, always seek advice.

💕When it comes to feeding your baby (this goes for bottle or breast. Try a more upright position this can help them to coordinate their sucking/breathing and swallowing more easily along with easing congestion. Try the koala hold.

💕Babies and young children are primarily nose breathers - unfortunately if there is a blockage of their nose they will often struggle to breathe properly, particularly when lying down flat. Try wearing your baby in a carrier for their naps or inclining their cot head slightly. Co-sleeping is an option for families too, and can be done safely if following safe sleep guidance.

💕Make sure you are giving the weight appropriate dosage of

- liquid paracetemol and/or ibuprofen

💕-@fridababy and @snufflebabeuk snot suckers. When combined with a nice Saline nasal spray can work wonders @sterimarkids

💕- Baby olbas oil/ vapo rub on feet and chest

- vapour plug-ins /diffusers

💕If your little is really struggling to feed try feeding in the shower. The steam can help to ease their congestion.

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