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Clicking at the Breast

Does your baby make clicking noises at the breast?

Causes? The clicking sound occurs because your baby is breaking the tight seal around your breast that they create with their lips. The sound of air and the breaking of the suction causes a noise.

▪️Often babies who are clicking may also have noticeable dimples in their cheeks with each suck and mum may have sore nipples.

▪️These signs, together or individually, suggest that baby has not achieved a good latch.

▪️A click indicates that baby doesn’t have a good seal on the breast and his tongue hitting the roof of his mouth.

▪️ The dimples (while cute) show that his latch isn’t deep enough and he doesn’t have adequate breast tissue in his mouth.

Some of the things that causes this sound include a fast or forceful milk ejection, incomplete palate of baby's mouth or tongue tie.

A full consultation by a breastfeeding specialist or Lactation consultant including infant oral assessment is required to ascertain which if these is going on.

Many can be fixed pretty swiftly with a little adjustment in baby's position and their attachment at the breast.

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