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Breastfeeding with a larger chest

Breastfeeding with larger breasts.

While we know that breastfeeding success is absolutely not based on the size of your breasts.

Having larger or smaller breasts when establishing breastfeeding can indeed be a skill all of its own.

Here are my top tips for breastfeeding with a larger chest.

1.Think angle of the dangle. Adjust positions to suit your anatomy. What may work for someone in a picture on Google may not work for you. Think of baby approaching the breast at a nose to nipple level.

2. Try out laidback feeding positions to encourage a deep attatchment at the breast . This can be tricky to master so get help if it's not working.

3. Consider taking an antenatal breastfeeding preparation class before baby arrives to help you learn what is normal and what a deep latch looks like.

4. Try out the rugby hold. This is nice one for those early newborn days. Particularly lovely after a cesarean birth to avoid the wound site.

5. You might find shaping the breast is essential. Check out my post on the sandwich hold.

6. Try using a muslin to either roll up under the breast or make a hammock out of to lift the breast up during feeds and make it more comfortable for you.

What has been helpful for you in feeding your baby?

See last week's blog post on why size dosnt matter.


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