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Breast Refusal

If your baby is younger than 1 year it is unlikely that they are self weaning.

So why do babies who nursed well suddenly refuse the breast or begin to struggle with latching? Before choosing a strategy for overcoming a strike looking at the possible causes is key.

Physical Causes

✔️Ear infection, cold, or other illness

✔️Reflux disease, which makes feedings painful

✔️Overabundant milk production with a fast, overwhelming flow

✔️Allergy or sensitivity to a food or drug mother consumed

✔️Pain when held after an injury, medical procedure, or injection

✔️Mouth pain from teething, thrush, or a mouth injury

✔️Reaction to a product such as deodorant, lotion, or laundry detergent

Environmental Causes

✔️Stress, upset, or overstimulation

✔️Breastfeeding on a strict schedule, timed feedings, or regular interruptions

✔️Baby left to cry for long periods

✔️Major change in routine, like traveling, a household move, or mother returning to work

A strong negative reaction when baby bites

✔️An unusually long separation

✔️Knowing the cause will make it easier to choose an effective strategy.

For example, if an ear infection is the cause, the right medical treatment and time to recover may be the best solution.

Breast refusal is stressful, but it is almost always possible to overcome it and return to breastfeeding.

If you have been struggling with this issue make sure and reach out for support.



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