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Body Image in Pregnancy

😩We are all too familiar with the "bounce back" postpartum discussion.

However what about body image during pregnancy? ✨Those who know me well, know that I struggled with this big time during my pregnancy with Atticus. ✨ I had a very strong and toned physique before I got pregnant the first time, with Daisy my angel baby. Then almost back to back pregnancies. My body had already been through a lot. ✨Body image during pregnancy is a tough thing. I knew I was creating a baby, I knew my body was doing incredible things and that was creating a life, a sibling for my jess a sweet little soul I would get to hold in my arms.  But it didn't make the fact that I don't recognize myself in the mirror any easier. ⁣ ✨Some of you may read this and not relate at all, because you've never felt more beautiful, and that is wonderful.  But others will read this and deeply relate to this experience. My hips are expanding, my belly is growing, my boobs are so big they're embarrassing, and I literally look at myself and think "who is that". But that's ok, this is temporary, pregnancy is temporary. ✨. But, next time, I can see what’s on the other side of this struggle. I know that not feeling or looking totally “myself” is a drop in an

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